Exponential Entrepreneur Transformation Workshop

Why Build An Old Traditional Business When You Can Create A Modern Exponential Organization?


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8 Stages of the ExO Sprint

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As Participants you will:

Become proficient in the ExO Model

Create your own MTP

Design a 10x Growth Plan to implement in your business

Learn about experimentation using the ExO Sprint approach

Learn about the latest Exponential Technologies

Become a disruptor of your industry

Transform your old business plan into a modern business model for the 21st century

What will you learn?

Accelerate innovation

Create 10x more sales and earnings

Master innovation methodologies to navigate emerging & exponential technologies

Create modern business models for the 21st century

Discover sources of revenue with new digital transformation

Leverage new technologies to free up more time

The magic formula: ExE = MTP + PLEASED + DISRUPT

About the Workshop

May 2022

Live Interactive Online in  English

By Mynor Schult at Vida Fabulosa (read the bios below)

What Our Clients Say!

“I loved Mynor Schult’s book Exponential Entrepreneur, his vision is a marvelous journey into the 21st-century mindset that every entrepreneur needs. Every company director or every C-Level executive should read it. It is well written, funny, filled with incredible insights, inspiring, but most importantly, Exponential Entrepreneur is a practical playbook on how to become an exponential business person to impact the world.”
—João Oliveira, Founder Transportes Brasileiros SA
“Emprendedor Exponential offers invaluable advice about joining partners and technologies to help entrepreneurs achieve 10X growth. It’s a visionary roadmap for people who believe they can change the world. All entrepreneurs need to do is to follow the winning formula:

—Eduardo Garcia,
Serial Entrepreneur and seasoned director for investments groups in Central America
“In the next 10 years most likely some of the corporations at the top of the Fortune 500 will be displaced by nimble exponential entrepreneurs. Mynor’s book is a vital tool for any proactive business person ready to move to the exponential business world to remain relevant in today’s volatile world. History tells us that if you don’t change, nothing will change in your business. "Exponential Entrepreneur", shows the many opportunities created by today’s abundance and the exponential technological changes that are transforming our globe."
—Lic. Ronald Schmidt, CEO of Aircraft Parts Worldwide Distributors, California, USA


Mynor Schult is one of the country’s leading experts in exponential growth for small businesses. He has been a driver of strategic corporate expansion with extensive management experience in the USA and Latin American markets. He has delivered millions of dollars in shareholder value in the Aviation, Telecom, and Tourism industries. 

He is the author of the international bestseller book “Exponential Entrepreneur” that teaches people how to grow their business 10X by leveraging their mindset and converging technologies. He  is a collaborator for Exponential Organization 2, with co-authors Salim Ismael and  Peter Diamandis. 

Currently, Mynor is advising boards of directors, leadership teams, and bold entrepreneurs on value creation, innovation, and strategies to develop exponential organizations.

The Workshop Comes With a 100% Warranty

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Frequently asked questions about the Exponential Transformation Workshop

No, there is no payment plan.

The OpenExO Ecosystem is a growing global community of 18.000+ innovators, disruptors, entrepreneurs, and advisors, both individuals and entities, operating to provide transformation services, leveraging synergies and sparking convergences for exponential impact.

Business Executives (small and medium-size companies) and Exponential Entrepreneurs.
This program is for: General Managers, Upper Middle/Senior Managers, Executives in Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service, and HR

There are 2 types of workshops: The regular one lasts 4 weeks.

To be determine in accordance with participants geographical location and time zones.