Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author. 

Would you like to change the world? Then you need an MTP or a Massive Transformative Purpose. But what is that?

A Massive Transformative Purpose is something bigger than yourself as an entrepreneur and to build an exponential organization, you must have one. 

Most of us understand the importance of having a purpose, and many may understand the term massive and transformative, but let’s understand why having your MTP is a must for you as an aspiring exponential entrepreneur.

In modern times, in most cultures, people can now enjoy freedom and fortune as they choose since basic needs are generally met. 

The professional and economic status of each person is not predetermined but is directly related to the plans and decisions each of us makes. Unlike in the past, the level of physical strength doesn’t determine your future, intelligence is the deciding factor.  

This is an era where prosperity depends on talents, effort, and achievements. Most of our basic needs are being met according to the Maslow Pyramid. 

We have support through education and resources which are needed to make decisions and carry out a life according to the intelligence of individuals and the decisions they make. Now to be happy, most of us are looking for self-fulfillment, to help and to transcend, and here where a solid MTP becomes a game-changer.

MTPs induce two important prerequisites for success: meaning and motivation. An MTP engages entrepreneurs and followers with a common cause to work together.

A clear MTP encourages people to follow their passion, and most importantly, solves a problem that people care about. An MTP stresses that passion is the primary driver, not money. In other words, MTPS gives people purpose and makes life and work meaningful. 

Great examples of MTPs are SpaceX: humans must become a multi-planetary species. Amazon’s MTP: become Earth’s most customer-centric company and Google’s MTP: organize the world’s information

MTPs rarely focus on the present. They take into consideration the “big picture” and are geared toward the  future because they serve a purpose — whether it’s solving a grand, global problem or adding value to people’s lives. Amazon and SpaceX are just two examples.

 But because they are so profoundly purpose-driven, both Musk and Bezos have gone against all odds and will go down in history as two of the most important entrepreneurs of all time

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