Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author. 

It is almost impossible to become an exponential entrepreneur unless you can connect and manage abundance. Therefore, now you will learn about abundance by applying the 10X growth concepts taught by exponential entrepreneurs, so you can accelerate your exponential entrepreneur’s journey.

Abundance is another concept that needs to be understood well if you plan to become an exponential entrepreneur. To be a corporate executive, or to own a small business there is no need to comprehend the notion of abundance. But, it’s essential to be able to exponentiate any enterprise.

At the end of this , you will be able to understand that abundance is more than financial wealth and material riches. Abundance is health, connections, and opportunities. Abundance is technology and mindset. Let me ask you a question, would you launch a rocket from a lake’s canoe?

You might be thinking that it doesn’t make sense. Well, it’ll be the same nonsense trying to exponentiate a business that doesn’t have the basic systems and team in place. To become an exponential entrepreneur is necessary to understand basic business administration, so you can keep every system up to speed.

For example, before you can escalate a business, a proper team needs to be in place, or at least, you should be willing to build a winning team. Other business systems such as Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finances, etc. all have to run properly and effectively. If you can not properly manage a micro-business, most likely you are going to encounter problems running a regular business.

With a mismanaged business chances are that the business will not grow. Without growth, it’s almost impossible to escalate and much less possible to exponentiate any business. But don’t get discouraged, nowadays with technology, most of the entrepreneurs’ shortages can be covered. 

For example, small and medium businesses are served by thousands of software programs that can help your initial efforts in operations, S&M, accounting, etc. and the best part is that hundreds can initially be obtained for free.

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Being an “Exponential Entrepreneur”



This formula explains how you too could become an Exponential Entrepreneur

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