Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult. 

Are you sure that your business is ready to expand and scale? Is your business set for your exponential mindset?

Unless you get over the fear of scaling, you may not be able to become an ExE. Can you imagine where Rapii, Uber, or Duolingo could be without escalation? Well, we all know the answer. They will be right where they started. Yet, as soon as the ExE finds the right market-fit, and best business model, the ExE will expand, scale, and eventually exponentiate the enterprise.

ExE knows well that technology can help analyze and automate routine activities to disrupt traditional methods, including manufacturing, sales, delivery, etc. ExE changed traditional plans for business models fueled by technology and talent. Technology, when used properly, is a liberating force that allows anybody to take things that were once scarce and make them abundant.

Let us keep in mind that companies like, Facebook, Airbnb, and others started in the proverbial home garage. Could you imagine our world today if Mark Zuckerberg could not have overcome the fears of expansion?

Likely, you could not have found that long-lost friend from high school, or your college sweetheart, since it could have been a world without Facebook. However, Mark Zuckerberg decided to overcome most of his fears, and today Facebook is a worldwide company known in every corner of the world.

Amazon has long used robots to stock and retrieve products from its warehouses and is getting closer to delivering its products via drones. It also realized one of its most important strategic activities cloud and data storage  and now it has become another source of income for Jeff Bezos as Amazon is making this valuable resource available to others. Amazon Web Services (AWS) rented access to computing infrastructure was launched in 2006. Over ten years, it contributed more than 56 percent of Amazon’s growth and is on target to be a $100 billion business in the next few years.

When it comes time to scale, keep in mind that if you cannot precisely measure whatever you are providing, probably you will not be able to expand it. However, what you can expand, can be escalated and later exponentiated.

Additionally, before even trying to scale, ExE makes sure that all basic systems in the company are working efficiently and that most of them are fully automated. One of the fastest ways to scale a good company into bankruptcy is to expand without having a great supporting team, the right strategy, or not fine-tuning the production systems such as finance, legal, sales, marketing, etc. 

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