Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author.

Are you willing to look for and take other alternatives to be more successful?

Disruptor entrepreneurs bring new worlds to life.

Have you ever wondered if you could become a disruptor in your industry? Or is it that maybe you don’t even know what the word disruptor means? A disruptive entrepreneur can cause a radical change in a market or industry, generally innovating with technology or a new business model.

Being a disruptor is present in the minds of all the great exponential entrepreneurs from Edison or Tesla to Richard Branson. To become an exponential entrepreneur is needed to adopt this way of thinking. 

Being a disruptor is not exactly being an inventor. It is looking for a better, daring, and different way, so that your business can grow twice, five times, or even up to a hundred times. It’s not difficult if you undertake a process of mental actualization where you are constantly looking at your business and your industry from a different point of view.

In your business, how could you radically innovate processes, products, services, etc., to make them radically different, better, faster, cheaper, bigger, etc.? Only you and your competition know the answer. Will you be the disruptor, or will you be the victim of disruptive competition?

Well, here lies one of the major obstacles to overcome if you want to become an exponential entrepreneur. Something difficult, especially if you have experienced success as a traditional entrepreneur, is to remain open to new ideas and suggestions. Being a rogue entrepreneur can only take you so far.

To experience exponential growth in your business, you need to accept that you don’t have all the right answers. To become an exponential entrepreneur, you must unlearn a few traditional concepts to apply new exponential concepts, strategies, and tactics.

One of those concepts is disruption. An entrepreneur must dare to disrupt traditional companies or industries’ status quo, that is if you want to become an exponential entrepreneur.

This is not an easy task, especially if you try to do it all by yourself. It becomes easier when you start creating an open culture where anybody can express authenticity and transparency without any negative repercussions. ExE creates inviting workplaces to build trust where collaborators, suppliers, and customers all work together to innovate and succeed.

New ideas, experimentation, and even failure are welcome and celebrated. ExE understands that experimentation and failure are part of the process to find out exactly what the customer really wants and needs.

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