Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author.

There is no doubt that an exponential mind is a must have for anyone to be able to do extraordinary things. 

Exponential thinking is the most critical attribute to develop so that an entrepreneur dares to dream of changing the world and using modern growth tools. Abundance and exponential mindset are always related, and so you may want to refer to a previous chapter dedicated to abundance. You may want to read it often to expand your exponential mindset.

Without an exponential mind, it is almost impossible to experiment and leverage your businesses with exponential technologies.

Today, using these technologies, you may be able to accomplish some objectives in just a couple of months and not in a couple of years or even taking a couple of decades.

Throughout time, the exponential mind is the most defined attribute among the great entrepreneurs and business people, and thinkers in history.

Think about it, without the proper exponential mindset you may not be encouraged to even ask about cost or pricing for robots or 3D printers, which could easily increase 10X the production of your business.

If you do not even have an idea of the cost and benefit of disruptive technology, do you believe that you will be encouraged to use them? You may be thinking that your answer is not important, but be careful. Probably your competition is already using some of these resources.

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