Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author. 

In the past century, mastering relationships meant being able to be well connected with the businessmen dominating your industries.

While that still holds, the expansion of social networks has added an important task for entrepreneurs if they want to grow exponentially and that is to be able to build a community of fans.

When you want to work towards a 10X solution, you need to build your customers into a fan base and then collaborate with these fans.

User-empowered customization of basic functions, such as the filters on Instagram, the augmented lenses on Snap, and the mashup functionality on Musical.ly allows users to create something unique and share their creations across multiple touch-points, acting as a viral distribution and marketing channel.

Building a thriving community of fans has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks for business and traditional entrepreneurs. The main reason is that they try to build the community with the wrong motive.

Most businesses want to build a community to be able to use and sell new products to the community. Well, in today’s well connected markets, unless you bring value to the marketplace, people leave in search of another place where true value is offered.

For exponential entrepreneurs building a community is normally an easier task since everything revolves around the MTP.

The community almost builds itself as people start to follow their interests around the MTP. They are following their own cause and getting extreme value on the interaction with other members with the same interest.

An exponential entrepreneur knows well that all they have to do is to fuel the fire, then the community will grow exponentially in no time. The secret is to serve, to give, and to provide the community with true value.

Normally this is done as a platform that facilitates the use of social collaboration to connect physical and digital outlets to enhance the value of the community through the core offerings. 

This becomes user-generated content amplified through the platform where the more people that contribute to the platform, the more valuable the service becomes, not just for the enterprise, but for the whole community.

This is true for talent as well. ExE finds ways to ignite the community’s talent to work on the most difficult parts of an MTP thus unlocking 10X potential.

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