Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author. 

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This formula explains how you too could become an Exponential Entrepreneur

Technology is changing nearly every industry for the better. Manufacturing, the internet of things, 3D printing, robotics, drones, nanotechnology, and virtual reality are shaping the future and will continue to do so. They are allowing governments, corporations, and small businesses to do things today that were previously only accomplished in science fiction films.

Most of the household companies in the USA, and around the world, were founded by intrepid entrepreneurs leveraging technology to take their companies to exponential heights. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Mercedes Benz automobiles, Sony TVs, or Boeing Aircrafts, the similarity among the founders was that they were technology-driven.

Today using exponential technologies individuals are allowed to do what was only possible for governments and larger corporations. Further, ExE knows that today, you don’t have to become a technologist yourself, but to take the initial step to understand the potential and implications of technology. Once an entrepreneur understands this concept, they start making the most out of the proper exponential technologies that apply to their business or idea.

Whether the developing technology was for harnessing steam power more than 200 years, making automobiles in a Ford assembly line more than 100 years ago, or inventing the latest iPhone, all were inventions created by exponential entrepreneurs driven by technology. They leverage the latest technology available at the time, and today you can do the same.

Exponential entrepreneurs leverage technology, automatization, robotics, and any convergent technologies that they can get their hands on. Eventually, the experimenta-

tion with tech and different business models allows them to build their own algorithms giving them “unfair advantages” over the competition.

Google is one of the best examples of a company built on an algorithm. They use very sophisticated algorithms to rank websites worldwide, which is then augmented by machine learning. Stitch Fix, one of the fastest-growing on-demand retail companies, has a team of over 65 data scientists and uses algorithms to drive nearly every part of its business.

It may sound incredible, that this company has a well-respected public blog on data science and many sciences on staff and all they are is a retail store for men, women & kids that sends clothing to your door.

Investors who see the potential as well as the implications of exponential technologies and then leverage them to make the most of their money will see greater returns than those who refuse to adopt and adapt to new tools.

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