Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author. 

Some see scarcities and some see abundance. To be an exponential entrepreneur, you need to see abundance.

Exponential Entrepreneurs (ExEs) generally start risky and ambitious businesses. From the beginning, ExE identifies different types of abundance in the market to create business opportunities and capitalize on them. Once connected to that abundance, these types of entrepreneurs leverage advanced technologies to manage and eventually share that abundance.

Exponential-minded entrepreneurs from the outset aspire to serve thousands of clients that go beyond the local market. They seek to place their offerings regionally, but most of the entrepreneurs, with an abundant mindset, want to serve the global market.

An exponential entrepreneur, regardless of whether he starts, even if is in the garage of his parent’s house, aspires to change the world by finding solutions to important society’s problems. They believe and see abundance everywhere.

Therefore, new entrepreneurs, aspiring to achieve exponential growth, need to identify what type of abundance they can leverage in their ventures. Abundance is one of the most identifiable attributes of an exponential entrepreneur.

Exponential entrepreneurs understand that technology is a force that transforms things from scarcity to abundance. Thanks to technology, the world has an abundance of energy, information, knowledge, transportation, computation, access to education and healthcare services, and much more.

Once certain products in these industries transform from scarcity to abundance, those products and services become inexpensive, or even free, and their quality goes through the roof.

Exponential entrepreneurs understand that despite the constant bombardment of negative news from CNN, also known as the Crisis News Network, or any other news

network, the world is becoming better at an extraordinary rate on almost every possible measure, including food, energy, education, poverty, and health. In the book “Abundance” by author Peter Diamandis, there are plenty of detailed charts showing these facts

Exponential entrepreneurs know that traditional scarcity-minded and closed business models ultimately fail more than 80% of the time. That’s why, exponential entrepreneurs who truly believe in abundance, use transparency and open platforms to win. 

Once you learn to recognize and appreciate abundance,you will capitalize in many areas that others, with a scare mentality, will avoid. Entrepreneurs that appreciate abundance open up a world of opportunities that go beyond the economical factor.

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