ExE Are Always Growing

Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author.

For entrepreneurs to succeed and become ExE they need more than just the productivity hacks and to-do lists that some business gurus recommend.

An ExE is characterized by clear and defined goals, a friendly relationship with failure, a sound understanding of exponential trends, and a mentality to always keep growing.

Growth itself is continuous and never ends. Linear entrepreneurs often find themselves reaching a plateau or stopping themselves on their tracks. On the other hand, ExE always keeps on growing and there is no stop. Growth always keeps the ExE going as accelerated growth is always its reward.

Often, lineal mind thinkers ask ExE when enough is enough? Therefore, let me introduce a concept called Enough.

Enough is a linear concept that has to do with other people’s approval. Notice that many of the entrepreneur’s spouses or their friends often say, when are you going to stop? Don’t you have enough? Enough what? Don’t you have enough power, fame, money?

Most people don’t understand that for an ExE becoming exponential, has nothing to do with money, but everything to do with growth, with new experiences, new experiments, and finding new ways to solve society’s problems.

Some of the most famous and wealthiest exponential entrepreneurs are solving society’s problems. For example, Elon Musk firmly believes that human beings must colonize Mars just in case of a catastrophe on planet earth.

Besides, when you are an exponential learner, growing is easy and natural. Therefore, it comes to a point when the money just becomes a way of keeping score of the progress you are making and the value that you are bringing to society. It is at this stage where growing 10X is much easier than 2X or 5X.

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