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This formula explains how you too could become an Exponential Entrepreneur

How do you deal with problems ?

Any entrepreneur is solving some type of problem and that is the reason why people are willing to part with their money to pay for the solution provided by the business person. That’s how entrepreneurs provide value to the market.

Exponential Entrepreneurs do the same thing, but instead of fixing the problems for a few, they specialize in bringing bold solutions to the masses. That’s why most Exponential Entrepreneurs are driven by an MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose). They want to bring valuable solutions to radical problems that will make the world a better place to leave.

That does not mean that you need to discover a new vaccine to save the world. The invention of the iPhone made our lives easier and more enjoyable. Bill Gates sold hardware and software to run our businesses faster and in an easier way. 

And there are many exponential entrepreneurs selling products to help people to get in better physical shape. What is similar among them is that they are creating solutions for the masses, and not working among the crowd.

Today, we are all living in a phenomenal time where any entrepreneur, in a matter of a few years, can become a multi-millionaire if they leverage readily available convergent technologies to fix a problem in society. 

Let me remind you that the fastest formula to become a millionaire is to help a million people. If they are satisfied with your solution, I am sure they will be pleased to give at least one dollar in exchange for the value you are providing.

To become an ExE you need to solve a problem for the masses, but you can start in your local market. Once the business hypothesis and the proof of concept have been valid in the market you can expand and eventually exponentiate.

Today, technology is enabling common entrepreneurs to reach entirely new massive markets even in viral ways. As the world’s population approaches 8 billion, entrepreneurs and executives with exponential mindsets can help to close the gap between a growing population and the vast resources they need.

Many ExE started their business model with just one core offer to a few customers to solve one specific problem. For example, in 2009, Garrett Camp, a computer programmer and the co-founder of StumbleUpon, and Travis Kalanick started a small company in San Francisco, California.

The company started to expand to other markets and today, Uber serves the worldwide need for transportation in many countries. Also, Uber visionaries have expanded their original idea and now offer other services to meet other market needs, like UberEATS or Uber HEALTH.

My invitation is to think bigger, to act bolder, to start more experiments, to try crazy hypotheses, so you too could start fixing big problems in society. Stop thinking small and become an exponential entrepreneur, but that is ‘’possible only if you become a problem-solver, for the masses.

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