Most of this content has been taken from the book “Exponential Entrepreneur” By Mynor Schult bestseller author.

Often, we are more passionate and visionary than we appear. But unfortunately, we are constantly discrediting our great ideas, visions, and deepest desires as our “internal little voice” continually asks, who are you to have such innovative thoughts? Great entrepreneurs think differently. 

When it’s time to execute their ideas, they become whatever they need to be as they are moved by a purpose that gives them livelihood.

They dream big and are passionate about their ideas and purpose. That burning vision is the one that eventually finds a solution to any problem, thus leading passionate visionaries to achieve exponential success.

As Grant Cardone mentions in his book, The 10X Rule ” You can not get into the next phase of a project without a bigger mindset, more acceleration, and extra power. ” 

Nowadays, that extra power can be generated when the ExE leverages the community and taps into the crowd for expertise, solutions, and even capital.

One of the greatest gifts that modern technology has given to all entrepreneurs is the ability to infiltrate every community and practically the entire world through the internet. 

A community is a group of people committed to a purpose, therefore,  the need to have a clear Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) relatable to a specific cause.

By specific cause, I mean the search for solutions to complicated problems, which the community’s members want to help and solve at any cost.   

We know of entrepreneurs like Elon Musk who, while trying to solve sustainable energy problems, end up building gigantic companies like Tesla.

The same community of followers of Tesla helping to create a more sustainable future has brought solutions, modifications, and improvements to Tesla’s electric cars.

Just like Elon, every aspirant to ExE should have a finger not just on the pulse of the company.  They have everyday continuous engagement not just with their enterprise, but with the community as a whole.

ExE doesn’t get caught up in time-wasting activities and involves themselves only in tasks that matter to the greater advance of the company’s goals and for the greater advance of employees, products, and the community.

ExE takes time every day to have ambitious talks with their teams to observe how their collaborators see themselves and their roles in the mission of the company. What are each collaborator’s goals, dreams, challenges, fears, failures, and successes?  Unless your collaborators are happy and excited, the building of great products and services, as well as an exponential community will be an uphill battle.

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